Dealsign is an easy to use
negotiation and contracting
service in the cloud

Save Time
Enhance Collaboration

Dealsign provides cloud-based digital contracts and contract management software that enable companies to efficiently negotiate, sign, archive and manage business contracts in the digital collaboration workspace.

Contract template management

Manage all your templates centrally online. Fast drafting and sending.

Real-time collaboration and contract negotiation

Collaborate and negotiate in real-time online in one cloud service.

Approve and sign the contract

Easy and secure digital signature.
Optional approval flow.

Smart contract archiving with search

Store and manage all your contracts. Fast search into contract database details.

Dashboard with notifications and analytics

Get relevant reminders and notifications.­ See analytics and insights of your business performance.

Connect and automate

Automate workflows and connect Dealsign contracting to your favorite apps.

Contract management in Dealsign happens in one digital workspace - a single place for contract templates, drafting, negotiations, signing, archive, and contract lifecycle management - helping your team to close deals faster and manage contracts easily.

Dealsign’s online contract negotiations tool has improved our contract management process efficiency by 30-40% and enhanced our contract compliance.”

‐ Timo Nieminen, Customer Director Sales and Marketing, ValueSource Partners

Dealsign’s online contract management and digital signature have supported building trusted business relationships and growth of Konsulttiverkko freelance consultant network.”

‐ Jussi Järvinen, COO, Konsulttiverkko

”As a digital marketing agency we want to show that digital is part of our DNA. Analog proposals and paperwork don’t fit in with that. Therefore it’s important to us to have an online solution for handling documents, agreements and proposals. Dealsign gives us the possibility to negotiate proposals online and then sign them digitally. This has helped us to grow our business.”

‐ Andy Hoek, Digital Marketing Consultant, Invalshoek

InvestCEE recommends Dealsign for the drafting, negotiation and signing phase for commercial contracts because it allows for intuitive yet digital collaboration between different business entities privy to the document.”

‐ Orsolya Szabó, CEO, InvestCEE

Dealsign is the winner of ProcureCon IT Dragon's Den Innovation Examination competition, delivering the greatest and latest innovation for the digital transformation of procurement

More than just e-signing and document archive

Traditional contract management requires processing documents manually using various tools. E-signing can only be used to sign the documents. Contract negotiations, sending documents back and forth between the contract parties, and difficulties to find relevant information are the true burden in traditional document-based contract management.

Say goodbye to email ping-pong, tedious version control, lost documents, chasing signatures, printing, scanning, sending and all kinds of traditional archiving. Dealsign digital contracts enables you to create, negotiate, sign and manage business contracts easily and efficiently in the digital collaboration workspace.

Free your time and get your deals signed faster

­Dealsign’s contract automation and real-time online negotiations provide significant 50-80% time savings and faster contract cycles. Remove unnecessary hassle and burden, negotiate the terms and move deals through your funnel – fast. Focus on your business, and spend less time on contract management.

Insightful contracting visibility

See real-time contract negotiation status section by section and reduce wait times. Get full visibility and instant access to all company contracts and information. Get insights to your contracting to solve the bottlenecks and focus on the most important terms.

Upgrade contract compliance and processes

Manage and control entire contracting processes, template management, negotiations, approvals, signatures and contract lifecycle management. Mitigate your contract value leakage and risks, and improve compliance with standardized contract templates, optional clauses and user instruction wizards.

Smooth collaboration and contracting experience

Dealsign is an enterprise SaaS cloud service with modern design and user experience, and provides a paperless and smooth contracting workflow. Collaborate real-time online across the organizational boundaries.

Dealsign enhances compliance ­ and security for contract management

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Secure data

Significant risk reduction with all contracts stored securely in one place and data in sync. Dealsign uses Google’s global fast content-delivery network (CDN) with SSL security and automated backups in the Google cloud infrastructure, and is compliant with ISO 27001 and SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3.

Bulletproof compliance

Secure audit trails on Dealsign ensure a complete record of your end-to-end contract processes.

Legally binding

Reduce legal risk in contract execution. Dealsign digital signature complies with eIDAS, ESIGN and other major regulations, and Dealsign digital signature is rated Advanced Security Level by EU and US standards. It’s advanced security level features make it more secure than most other digital signature services on the market.

Now everyone can negotiate, sign and manage contracts online

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Dealsign is an online contract collaboration platform and suits well for legal, sales, procurement, HR, finance, IT and other business contracting needs from growth companies to large enterprises.

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