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Our mission is to make negotiating, signing and managing contracts easy and fast for businesses of every size.

Dealsign is an online contract management software that helps companies to close deals faster and manage contracts easily through better interactions across the entire contracting lifecycle.

Dealsign digitalizes the enterprise contracting process end-to-end, and is the only contract lifecycle management software providing unique real-time negotiation, visibility and collaboration features. Dealsign is a data-driven cloud solution where all contracts are stored in structured data format, enabling full-text search and provides instant access to contract data. Dealsign provides effortless end-to-end contracting workflows in one online application, no need to have various tools for contract creation, e-signing, archiving and contract lifecycle management.

Dealsign is an online contract collaboration platform and suits well for legal, sales, procurement, HR, finance, IT and other enterprise contracting needs from growth companies to large enterprises. Dealsign helps companies to manage and control better their end-to-end contracting, enhances collaboration, and saves time and improves user productivity significantly, thereby improving the bottom line.

We offer Dealsign as a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud service, which means we are able to onboard new customers flexibly and fast, and we also provide custom integrations and workflow automation solutions to client specific environments.

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Tero Valkiala
Co-founder & CEO
+358 50 414 1950

Pyry Liukas
Co-founder & CTO

Sami Rintala
Co-founder, Chairman, Legal

Teemu Marttinen
Co-founder, Advisor, Procurement

Teemu Äijälä
Co-founder, Advisor, Service Design

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