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Customer expectations of legal services are changing. The good news about growing legal tech is travelling fast. Contracting is expected to be smart and easy – and to happen online.

Want to be in the forefront? We are excited to have you there alongside us. We offer a simple way for law firms to charm their clients, increase brand visibility and generate new business.

Smarter and easier contracting

Email ping-pong and printing is tiring, and to be honest, a tad retro. With Dealsign your clients can negotiate contracts in real time online with bulletproof compliance. No more outdated templates – your client will always have the latest version with the correct details.

Negotiate in real time online

All parties can keep track of the contract’s status and changes, wherever they are. Secure e-signing seals the deal. All contracts are stored safely in one place.

Dealsign stands out with its unique real-time online negotiation feature. Your client can grant you real time access to all their contracts under negotiation, taking the collaboration to the next level.

Serve your clients better

By adding Dealsign to your toolbox, you show hands-on that you are on board the change train and aim to cut unnecessary red tape. Legal services combined with integrated legal tech tools allow you and your client to work smarter together. Serve your clients better, handle their contracting processes with ease and form a deeper understanding of their business.

Generate more revenue

Explore untapped revenue streams from your existing client base by selling your legal services on top of Dealsign. Offer to brush up their contract templates, create new ones or be a change agent for modernising their contracting process. Dealsign is the perfect tool for entering these discussions. The options are there for you to explore.

Gain visibility and new clients

Our search function allows our users to search through our catalogue of standard contract templates. It’s as easy as typing in a Google search. Why are we telling you this? As our partner, you can choose to create templates for all Dealsign users globally. The branded templates will carry your logo, and a banner will guide people to your website. For legal services, we always encourage our users to turn to our partners. That means you!

Impressed? Become a reseller

If you’re guiding your customers on how to implement legal technology or advising them on strategic legal process innovation, you have the possibility to generate extra revenue by becoming a Dealsign reseller. Our business is to provide you with more business.

Help out and build brand awareness

Feeling the appeal? Let people know who you are and make someone’s day. Every day. We love long-term relationships and hope you do, too. We are excited to work with partners who share our vision of creating easier collaboration, faster contracting and brilliant customer experiences.

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