Dealsign brings all your contracting together

Contract management in Dealsign happens in one digital workspace - a single place for contract templates, drafting, negotiations, signing, archive, and contract lifecycle management - helping your team to close deals faster and manage contracts easily.

Contract template management

Manage all your templates centrally online.
Fast drafting and sending.


Manage all your company tailor-made contract templates centrally online.


Add optional clauses and help texts to streamline drafting.


Fast draft sending utilizing metadata.

Real-time collaboration and contract negotiation

Collaborate and negotiate in real-time online in one cloud service.


Invite your team members and clients to work together on a document online in real time.


Real-time contract negotiation status available, all document changes tracked and versions stored.


Unlimited number of workflows, edit and counter when needed.


Option to skip negotiation and send the contract for signing only.

Approve and sign the contract

Easy and secure digital signature.
Optional approval flow.


Easy and secure digital signing.


Optional approval flow to ask approvals in addition to signing.


Dealsign digital signature is rated Advanced Security Level by EU and US standards*


Advanced security level features make it more secure than most other digital signature services on the market. Users must be registered and logged in to the system in order to sign documents, and two-factor authentication is used then the system recognises a situation that calls for extra security.

Dealsign digital signature complies with eIDAS, ESIGN and other major regulations, and Dealsign digital signature is rated Advanced Security Level by EU and US standards.

Dashboard and analytics

Get relevant reminders and notifications. See analytics and insights of your business performance.


Your personalized dashboard shows an overview of your contracting.


Get relevant reminders and notifications.


See analytics and insights of your business performance.

Smart contract archiving with search

Store and manage all your contracts. Fast full-text search into contract details.


Store and manage all your contracts.


Fast full-text search, like Google.


Upload all your contracts into Dealsign smart contract archiving.

Connect and automate workflows

Automate workflows and connect dealsign contracting to your favorite apps.

Automate workflows by connecting Dealsign with your CRM, CLM, ERP, workplace collaboration, e-invoicing, and e-procurement solutions via our API, and plug & play integrations

More than 1000+ app integrations and workflow automations available through our integration platform.

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