Start smarter contracting with

Focus on the good stuff

Why not do it right from the beginning. The Dealsign contracting tool serves all phases of the contracting process. Say goodbye to email ping-pong, chasing signatures, printing, scanning, sending and all kinds of traditional archiving.

Negotiate in real time online

Agree on it then and there! Dealsign stands out with its unique real time online negotiation feature that takes collaboration to the next level. You can create, negotiate and agree your business contracts in real time online. Save time and minimise the risk of error.

Secure storage in one place

How do you store your contracts? No more scanned pdf files in the corner of a server, documents lost in the wrong data archive, dusty filing cabinets or random stacks of papers. Dealsign will archive all your contracts safely in one place, in a digital format. Dealsign even stores all the proposed changes from the template to the finalised contract.